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What We Do

The South Wales Crucible consortium, through the Science and Innovation Audit process, has identified existing and emerging areas of international science and innovation excellence with the potential to boost productivity for both South Wales and the UK as a whole.

We have impressive foundations to build on, including research intensive universities, a high concentration of incubators and accelerators, world-class global anchor firms, and strong policy support through the Welsh Government. The evidence presented throughout our SIA report points towards a need to foster stronger interdisciplinary linkages across and between our areas of excellence so that we can achieve our full productivity potential.

As a consortium, we have set ourselves a challenging action plan to promote the delivery of six exciting emerging action areas designed to address the diverse set of challenges within and across our four core themes and two enabling themes. By doing so our consortium will act as a powerful catalyst for change for Wales and the wider UK as it embraces both the challenges and opportunities presented in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.