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Science & Innovation Audit

The Science and Innovation Audit (SIA), commissioned by the UK Government, has confirmed that we have nationally and internationally significant capabilities, and a strong portfolio of globally competitive science and innovation assets advancing Steel Innovation; Smart Manufacturing; Health Innovation; and Agri-food Tech in Wales.

Enhanced by interconnections of science and innovation excellence throughout Wales these strengths are underpinned by two prevalent enabling competencies; Digital Technologies and Sustainable Energy. Led by Swansea University, the South Wales Crucible consortium brings together leading universities (Cardiff, Bangor and Aberystwyth and Swansea), research centres of excellence, internationally significant firms, and is backed by the Welsh Government. Our SIA process has forged and strengthened links between consortium members and associated stakeholders, developing and reinforcing networks between universities, research and innovation organisations, businesses and industry.  

Steel Innovation

We have a renowned cluster of steel and metal processing industries, assets and suppliers, supported by our research strengths of Advanced Materials; New Applications for Steel in Novel/High Value Products; and Energy in Steelmaking. By creating a more productive, less energy intensive steel industry it will enhance our international competitiveness, making the UK steel industry more sustainable.

Smart Manufacturing

Building on a highly successful, well established industry-academia collaborative partnership, with a track record of delivering high economic impact, our academic strengths in Computational Engineering, Materials Science and Manufacturing Systems aligned to industrial demands, have the ability to raise the productivity and long-term competitiveness of our manufacturing companies through innovation acceleration.

Health Innovation

Our strengths in health informatics, neuroscience and clinical/medical technology innovation, combined with our powerful digital health infrastructure and focused life science research institutes will result in new industry developed products and health service developments. These will be rapidly piloted and commercialised in the Welsh Living Health Lab, making Wales an attractive location for foreign investment and high value job creation.

Agri-Food Tech

We have globally significant strengths in agri-food tech research, specifically on crop improvement, animal health and managing agri-food waste streams. The translation of these innovative process and technology developments will result in increased productivity and exports for our primary producers, and boost the long-term competitiveness our food and drink processing industry.

Digital Technology Enabling Theme

The region comprises a Digital Ecosystem that is providing a scalable proving ground for digital approaches in support of the enhancement and security of individuals and communities enabled through data and computation in challenging contexts, specifically in Health and Wellbeing, Smart Manufacturing, Energy and Steel.

Sustainable Energy Enabling Theme

Energy developments in our region have the potential to transform the Welsh and UK economy. As an important employer, the energy sector contributes to the wealth and prosperity of communities across Wales. Our energy relevant innovation led capabilities underpin and enable productivity growth, especially in the thematic areas of Steel, Smart Manufacturing and Agri-Food Tech.